Illustrated Cephalohematoma Vs Caput succedaneum

Cephalohematoma is a collection of blood under the periosteum of a skull bone "very tough tissue covering that encapsulates bones"
Because of its location, it is impossible for cephalohematoma to cross suture lines. If more than one bone is affected, there will be a separation between the two areas at the suture line as seen in this photo at the left where  the sagittal suture separates the bilateral parietal cephalohematomas.

Unlike cephalohematoma; A caput succedaneum is caused by the mechanical trauma of the initial portion of scalp pushing through a narrowed cervix. The swelling may be on any portion of the scalp, may cross the midline (as opposed to a cephalhematoma), and may be discolored because of slight bleeding in the area. There may also be molding of the head, which is common in association with a caput succedaneum.
A cephalohematoma in a 1-week-old newborn with a right parietal bump by vacuum extractor . A plain skull X-ray lateral view revealing the linear skull fracture on the right parietal area .


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