Burns Injury and Burns Degrees

example of 2nd dgree burn

A burn is a part of traumatology that is caused by heat, radiation, chemicals or electricity. Burns affect usually the skin (epidermis and dermis).Affection of deeper tissues, such as muscle, bone, and blood vessels may be fatal

1-Outer skin layer
2-Middle skin layer
3-Deep skin layer
4-First degree burn
5-Second degree burn
6-Third degree burn

Burns can be classified by depth of injury into :
1st degrre burn
1- 1st Degree Burns ;the least severe of commonly seen burn injuries, just affects the epidermal layer and appears as dry area of redness "erythema" with pain and tingling sensation.
1st degree burn usullay has no complication and healed in about 1 week.

2- 2nd Degree Burns ; this type of burn affects tha dermis layer and may be subdivided into superficial partial thickness and deep partial thickness.
These second-degree burns are characterized by extreme pain and appears as wet, red, swollen and blistered areas. healing time 2-3 weeks and complications like Local infection/cellulitis, Scarring, Contractures may be seen.

3- 3rd Degree Burns ;affect the whole thickness of the skin and should be treated in a hospital setting, Symptoms may include:

*dry and leathery skin
*black, white, brown, or yellow skin
*lack of pain because nerve endings have been destroyed

4- 4th Degree Burns ;are life threatening injury where the burn Extends through skin, subcutaneous tissue and into underlying muscle and bone, the affect limb usually amputated.


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